Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this is annoying...'s stupid that suddenly amongst hardcore people, or 'cores' as me and my friends call them, it's totally cool and acceptable to be way into drugs and drinking and being a scumbag.

I've been doing that shit for years....and all I've managed to do is lose friends, beat up friends, get beat up by friends and 'non-cores', accidentally punch a girl, lose a lot of money, damage a lot of things I really liked owning, and look like a retard.

However, when I was in high school I was definitely 'straightedge' for two years. One, because BACK THEN it was NOT COOL to like hardcore and be into drugs and shit. I also did it because I had a long drinking rampage that involved doing many of the aforementioned terrible things.

But still, my point is.....umm.....basically I like it better when hardcore kids have morals and shit. It just seems right.

I lost the point to this post back at 'cores'.
My brain is unhappy.

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